20 Free Crochet Animal Amigurumi Video Patterns

CROCHET whale pattern

Whenever we think about crochet amigurumi, the first idea we think of is always a cute animal. With that in mind, here is a list of 20 free crochet animal amigurumi video patterns consisting of all the popular animal ideas. Many of them can be crocheted in just a little time while some will take days.

So, whether just for practicing animal amigurumi or to make a birthday gift, this collection will be the ultimate.

20 Animal animal Projects

Dive into this collection of crochet animal amigurumi patterns shared below. From sea animal amigurumi to forest animal amigurumi, farm animal plushies to prehistoric animal dolls and mythical animals you will find everything. Also your favorite ones like puppies, bears, cats, and unicorns. Not only do these crocheted animals serve as unique decorative pieces for nurseries and homes, but they also emerge as cherished companions for kids and adults alike.

Kids especially will love these crocheted friends for their cuddly textures and friendly faces. So, let’s dive into this softies collection:

Crochet Amigurumi Frog

crochet frog amigurumi

In this comprehensive tutorial, Amanda expertly teaches how to crochet an adorable basic amigurumi frog perfect for desktop decorations. The frog has a light green hue with a charming chubby appearance simple enough for beginners to tackle, yet a delightful project for seasoned crocheters. To start this project, you would need supplies like medium-weight yarn in hot green and black colors, a 2.75 mm crochet hook, safety eyes, polyester fiberfill, and a few basic crochet tools. This cute amigurumi frog can serve as a cozy children’s toy or an enchanting decorative piece for any room.

Easy Crochet Whale Tutorial

CROCHET whale pattern

Crochet Walter the Whale is a charming and characterful crochet project. It is perfect for all skill levels starting from beginners. Jess has a two-part tutorial that covers everything from body construction to notable features like Walter’s tail, fins, and water spout. The tutorial features the use of baby snuggle yarn, giving Walter a soft, cuddly texture, ideal for gifts. Throughout the tutorial, Jess emphasizes the use of simple stitches making it a great project for those new to crochet. She suggests this pattern not only due to its simple instructions but also because it allows for creativity in colors and size adjustments. Walter the Whale could be a delightful addition to a child’s play collection or a decorative item.


This crochet strawberry turtle has a unique twist over the regular turtle amigurumi. This creation marries vibrant hues of Hobie yarn to craft a turtle with a strawberry-themed shell. It is a visually striking piece sure to catch the eye. The tutorial requires a 5mm hook, stitch markers, a sewing needle, polyfill, 12mm safety eyes, etc. Key materials include a plush pink for the shell and a contrasting turquoise for the body, alongside a forest green for detailing. Jenna encourages creativity in color choice and assures that finished products are sellable, provided the pattern is not redistributed. This whimsical turtle serves not just as a cute decoration but can be a heartwarming gift.

Here is a quick amigurumi project – a no-sew mini pig crochet perfect for farm animal lovers. This smaller version of her original pig pattern is beginner-friendly and works up with a plush, cuddly finish thanks to chunky or super chunky yarn. The project starts with the pig’s face and adds delicate ears and a tiny tail directly into the body. It cleverly requires no sewing.

Essentials for this project include pink plush yarn, a USG crochet hook, polyfill, and 6mm safety eyes. Embellish the pig with features like contrasting ears made with bubble stitches. Ideal for gifts or as a whimsical decoration, this pig adds a touch of charm anywhere. Robin suggests ensuring symmetry by adjusting stitch placement according to tension for a balanced look.

Crochet Cow Tutorial

This crochet tutorial will help you to crochet a charming four-legged cow plushie, perfect for intermediates. Three Cows has the adorable and unique features of customizable spots. These are strawberry pink or cookie brown, depending on your choice of secondary color. The tutorial’s distinctive feature involves crocheting the legs directly onto the body, simplifying the process.

The tutor suggests careful stitching to avoid holes, and as for the plushie’s uses, it’s ideal as a cozy gift or a playful nursery decoration. Out of three different presented ideas, you can choose any. There is also a strawberry cow option. Lightly stuff the legs before completing the body to give your cow a stable and huggable shape.


This tutorial is all about crocheting a mini Triceratops dinosaur amigurumi, perfect for beginner crocheters. You’ll need worsted-weight yarn in two colors, a size G (4 mm) crochet hook, etc. The tutorial shows a distinctive method for creating the dinosaur’s three iconic horns and the textured body. It needs basic crochet stitches and an interesting spike technique with mini picots. Louie recommends careful stitching to ensure the features are defined and proportionate. This cute amigurumi can serve as a delightful desk companion or a playful toy for children.


Learn how to crochet a charming brontosaurus plush amigurumi in this tutorial. It is great to bring a prehistoric vibe to crochet amigurumi. You’ll need a 5 mm crochet hook, 12 mm safety eyes, and a chunky yarn. Light blue Premier parfait chunky yarn is used here. The tutorial highlights a unique approach to assembling the dinosaur. It starts with the legs and attaches them to the body to bring our prehistoric friend to life.

Beginners might find some steps challenging, particularly attaching the legs in a way that achieves a seamless look, but the instructor provides clear, step-by-step guidance. This plush dinosaur makes for a cute decorative piece or a soft, cuddly toy for children.


Try a mythical creature like this mini unicorn amigurumi to put in your amigurumi animal basket. This project due to detailing is for intermediates. You’ll need 5 colors of yarn and other preferred amigurumu supplies. The tutorial covers the pattern in detail, starting with the magic ring technique for the head and progressing to forming the body, ears, and legs. You will also work in both the front and back loops for shaping. Anna suggests using the tutorial links provided in the video description for slower, more detailed explanations of specific stitches and techniques. This unicorn makes for a perfect toy or a decorative item.

Drama Llama Pattern

This tutorial part starts with crocheting the legs of the adorable Drama Llama amigurumi, a project that’s innovative in its technique to minimize holes and create a polished appearance. You can watch other parts after this video. You will use a specific method for connecting the amigurumi’s legs. A complete pattern is also available on Etsy. Emphasizing clarity, a stitch marker is recommended to keep track of the starting point for each le. This Drama Llama serves not just as a quirky decorative piece but also as an engaging gift or a playful toy, embodying both charm and character.

Unicorn Horse Amigurumi Tutorial

The Unicorn Horse Amigurumi is a project that brings a bit of magic into the world of horse amigurumi. The tutorial spans three parts, ensuring a comprehensive guide through every step, from selecting the right yarn to the final stitches. This larger-than-usual amigurumi demands patience. Stella’s creation is particularly distinctive for its option to customize into either a unicorn with a delicate horn or a classic horse. She suggests this amigurumi as a charming addition to a collection or a playful gift for children.

Easy Crochet Giraffe Tutorial

Easy Crochet Giraffe Tutorial

Try Jerry the Giraffe, a charming and quite sizeable doll for adding whimsy to any collection. Split into a two-part series, the first part covers creating Jerry’s head, and adorable facial details, while the second part focuses on his body, arms, legs, tail, and spots. Jess suggests this crochet giraffe could serve as an excellent gift or cute decor, highlighting its appearance and texture. A tip from the tutorial is to watch more in-depth tutorials if you’re struggling with the fuzzy yarn.

Learn how to crochet an adorable puppy amigurumi, a perfect addition for both the young and the young-at-heart. This cute crochet project features a soft, cube-shaped body with distinguishable puppy elements like ears, legs, and a tail. The difficulty level is set as intermediate. A notable suggestion from the instructor is to opt for buttons and gluing for eyes for simplicity. But sewing them on is also an option. This crochet puppy can serve as a charming gift to a dear one.

No-sew Cat Amigurumi Tutorial


Join crochet enthusiast Anna to crochet a no-sew cat amigurumi, designed to resemble the classic art little cats. This project is beginner-friendly, requiring only an 8 mm crochet hook to work with super chunky yarn. The embedded tutorial focuses on the magic ring technique, front loop stitches for texture, and detailed rounds to shape the amigurumi Cat. Anna recommends counting your stitches at the end of each round for accuracy.

Crochet Bat Step-By-Step Tutorial

Crochet this adorable crochet bat amigurumi perfect for Halloween or as a quirky companion. You will also need an optional felt for additional details. The bat amigurumi features a distinctive no-sew design. It is completed with details like ridged wings, tiny feet, and an expressive face. The tutorial emphasizes loose stitching to avoid snapping yarn and recommends weaving in ends for a professional finish. Suited for novices, the project offers tips like using scrap yarn as stitch markers for convenience.

Crochet bear

Prepare a classic gift with this crochet bear tutorial, a perfect project for creating cuddly companions. Although the detailed crochet pattern appears intermediate, it is to guide beginners. With its unique, soft shape and intricate features like an embroidered nose and mouth, this bear is poised to capture hearts. The tutorial advises patience and precise stitch counting for the finest results. Once completed, these bears are ideal as heartfelt gifts or endearing collectibles.


Crochet Reindeer

Crochet reindeer amigurumi for Christmas gifting, presented based on a pattern by toys4u. This project uses plush and medium-weight yarns for a textural contrast between the body and the antlers. The amigurumi features a cute red nose and scarf for pops of color. While the plush yarn enriches the reindeer’s body and head with softness, the medium yarn defines the sturdy antlers and eye details, creating a captivating play of textures. This reindeer shines with finishing touches like embroidered facial features. Robin recommends using stitch markers for precision and advises beginners to familiarize themselves with foundational stitches.

Amigurumi Tiger

Join Anna in her delightful tutorial for crocheting an amigurumi tiger, part of her safari animals collection. This beginner-friendly project will have you making a charming tiger with a beautifully crocheted tail. You’ll need a 2 mm crochet hook, sport-weight yarn, stuffing material, scissors, and other supplies. This tiger design is unique as it involves crocheting the head separately from the body, a variation from the usual patterns featured on the channel.

The free written pattern is available on her website, with a printable version. This plush toy makes a wonderful addition to any animal collection or a special gift for animal lovers.

Elephant Amigurumi

Learn to crochet a cute and cuddly elephant plushie with the help of this tutorial. This soft and snuggly plushie is crocheted using Premier Yarns’ Parfait Chunky yarn. You’ll need a 5 mm crochet hook and some pearls for decoration in addition. The distinctive feature of this elephant is its spirally crocheted trunk and a small flower with a pearl embellishment to add charm. The tutorial advises working in spirals without joining rounds to maintain a smooth texture. This plushie is ideal as a comforting toy for children or as a cute addition to your amigurumi collection.

Beginner Friendly Crochet Bunny

Beginner Friendly Crochet Bunny

Create an adorable crochet bunny easily with this beginner-friendly tutorial. This plush bunny only requires the sewing of ears and the tail, making it a quick project. You will just need approximately one hour to complete it. The tutorial uses a magic ring technique to start, ensuring a tight and secure beginning. You will also need a unique popcorn stitch for texturing the limbs and the tail. Perfect for gifting and as a charming addition to any decor, this plush bunny promises satisfaction and fun.

Puppy Amigurumi Crochet Tutorial

Here is a tutorial for crocheting a realistic Jack Russell Terrier Amigurumi. This adorable project, appreciated for its lifelike appearance, caters to intermediate skill levels due to detailed color changes, though options to simplify are provided. Stella has masterfully designed this amigurumi to allow variations such as different dog breeds by simply altering the yarn colors. A pivotal feature is the detailed instruction on creating expressive facial features and a proportional body, elevating its realism. This amigurumi puppy serves as a charming decor piece or a heartfelt gift.

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