12 Free Crochet Christmas Amigurumi Patterns For All Skill Levels

crochet christmas amigurumi patterns

Want some Amigurumi ideas for crocheting and gifting this Christmas? Dive through these free crochet Christmas amigurumi patterns that contain the most suitable characters and themes for your next Christmas project. Whether you love a Santa amigurumi, reindeer plushie, elf doll, or something different like a candy cane pillow, this list has everything. Christmas is near; So, complete your prep with these patterns and guides.

Christmas Amigurumi Patterns

Amigurumi Patterns for Christmas

Christmas amigurumi brings much joy to kids while celebrating Christmas. These ideas, ranging from crocheted animals to story characters and sweets, are also great for decorations.

They can be cherished gifts that convey a deep sense of care and thoughtfulness. Each figure carries a piece of Christmas lore, intertwining with stories and legends that have been passed down through generations. So, make sure to check these free crochet Christmas amigurumi patterns.

crochet reindeer plushie

This Crochet Reindeer Amigurumi is a perfect companion for Christmas since reindeer is a part of Santa’s Story. You will need cotton yarn and a 1.75mm crochet hook. It has a chubby body that’s irresistibly cute and suitable for all skill levels. Anna ensures you can create a delightful reindeer, complete with distinctive features like its sizable, curling horns and tiny hooves. You can also use it as an ornament.

Crochet Santa Claus Tutorial

Crochet a Santa Claus perfectly that catches the holiday spirit, making him an ideal addition to Christmas decorations. This tutorial walks you through creating a charming Santa, adorned with a traditional red hat and suit, complete with a belt and rosy cheeks. Suitable for crocheters of all levels thanks to its simplicity, the project uses single crochet as its most advanced stitch.

Supplies include bulky yarn in various colors, a 6mm hook, safety eyes, and a few other common materials. A distinctive feature is the option to use hot glue for assembling, offering an alternative to sewing for quicker completion.

Elf Amigurumi

Crochet an Elf Amigurumi to make your ornaments collection even more delightful. Elf is related to Christmas by kids. This cheerful little elf, with the green outfit and intricate details on its shirt, is perfect for this season. The project uses 100% cotton yarn and a 1.75 mm crochet hook.

Unique features include a back post single crochet technique and an engaging color change process. Crafting this elf can be an enjoyable process as suggested by the tutor with video tutorials linked in the description. This Elf Amigurumi not only serves as a cute decoration for a Christmas tree.

Crochet Candy Cane Pillow

Learn how to crochet candy corn amigurumi for Christmas decor, showing the classic candy cane’s spiraled charm. It features alternating red and white stripes and is shaped to mimic this iconic Christmas treat. You can crochet it in less than an hour.

You’ll need a 10mm crochet hook, plush velvet yarn in red and white, and other supplies. The pattern involves simple stitches along with a unique technique to achieve the candy cane curve without the need for sewing pieces together. This cozy pillow can be used as a snug accent on your couch or as a heartfelt handmade gift.

Elf Girl amigurumi

The crochet Elf Girl Amigurumi stands out as an adorable Christmas companion to join the Elf Boy Amigurumi. In this way, it is a unique idea. Coming from a unique Christmas Tale, this Elf Girl boasts distinctive features. These are detailed shirt and a cute color scheme, perfect for the holiday season. This project is labeled with a manageable difficulty level, making it accessible for crocheters with some experience. Anna suggests double securing yarn ends for durability.

No-sew Mrs. Grinch amigurumi

Mrs. Grinch is a no-sew feminine amigurumi project. It can pair well with her counterpart, the Grinch. She wears a red and white outfit and has a characteristic green skin. This pattern requires a 2 mm hook and sport weight yarn, with further specifics available in the video’s description. Anna’s design eliminates sewing, making assembly a breeze. She instructs you through each round, with tips for securing yarn ends, and suggests watching her tutorials for techniques like the magic ring. Mrs. Grinch can brighten a holiday display or serve as a whimsical gift.

Snowman amigurumi pattern

This super happy snowman amigurumi perfectly embodies the spirit of Christmas and winter. It is done by crocheting charming mittens, hats, and scarf. This adorable character has a basic understanding of amigurumi techniques. What’s distinctive about this project is the use of a back post single crochet for added texture. The tutor, Isana, ensures you’re well-guided by suggesting tutorial links for tricky stitches. This snowman can serve as a great Christmas decoration.

Christmas crochet bear

Crochet this plushie Christmas Bear dressed in festive attire with this easy-to-follow tutorial. It is perfect for intermediate crocheters. You will need require plush yarn in shades of red, white, brown, and some black, along with a 5.5 mm hook, 12 mm safety eyes and other supplies.

What sets this bear apart is its Christmas dress and the spiral method of crocheting. The tutor suggests using stitch markers to keep track of rounds and to stuff the parts with fiberfill as you go. This bear makes for a joyous holiday display or a snuggly gift.

Christmas Gnomes Amigurumis

Christmas Gnomes Amigurumis

Gnomes Amigurumi are so adaptable that they can be turned into any theme. For Christmas, learn how to crochet a Christmas gnome amigurumi with this step-by-step tutorial. These adorable gnomes, standing about 6.2 inches tall when made with recommended materials. It is suitable for intermediate skill levels. You’ll need four colors of Symphonia brand yarn (white, gray, red, and a skin tone for the nose), a 2.5 mm hook, a wool needle, etc.

A distinctive feature is the use of hot silicone to give the gnome a stable base, allowing it to stand on its own. The tutor suggests using silicone carefully to achieve the perfect body shape.


crochet snowman

Crocheting a plush Snowman is a joyful expression of the winter holiday season, catching the frosty fun of Christmas. In Robin’s tutorial from Rose and Lily, learn to make a cute snowman using super chunky plush white yarn for the body and contrasting colors for accessories, giving it a soft, huggable texture.

The tutorial is beginner-friendly with clear instructions, including techniques like the magic ring and invisible decrease. You’ll need supplies such as safety eyes, a couple of crochet hooks (US G and E), yarn needles, etc. Robin’s special tip for this snowman amigurumi is using stitch markers to help keep track of rounds, vital for beginners.

The Grinch plushie

The Grinch plushie

The Grinch is a classic Christmas character, known for his heartwarming story of transformation and the true spirit of the holiday. In this tutorial, you’ll learn to crochet a Grinch plushie that’s perfect for Christmas decorations or gifts. This crochet project is great for beginners and quick. You’ll need size 6 super bulky yarn in white, red, and green colors, a 7mm crochet hook, etc. This plushie stands out with its iconic green color and grumpy facial expression. The tutor recommends using fabric glue to attach the felt pieces securely, ensuring they stay in place.

Easy Crochet Penguin

This easy crochet penguin looks adorable with a chubby appearance in festive pink or blue colors. You will need super chunky plush yarn in three colors, a 9mm safety eye pair, a USG crochet hook, etc. Robin emphasizes knowing basic stitches like single crochet and magic ring and suggests using stitch markers for easier round tracking. This cuddly penguin is as suitable for Christmas as for the winter.

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