11 Easy Crochet Hair Accessories For Women & Newborns

Looking for crochet accessories to adorn hair or manage them? Try these easy and adorable crochet hair accessories by learning from the step-by-step video tutorials. You will find the accessories depending on the functionality, season, age, and themes. So, whether want a crochet scrunchies to tie up the hairs or a hair clip to embellish them, you will find everything. All these are super easy for most skill levels and will become a nice gift idea for women. So, dive into this collection of the best things for your lovely hair!

Crochet Hair Accessories For Women

Hair Accessories You Will Find

When we think about crochet hair accessories, there is much to crochet as follows:

  • Headbands
  • Head warmers
  • Crochet Scrunchies
  • Beanies
  • Hair Clips

Patterns for Crochet Hair Accessories

Hair accessories offer a unique and personalized touch to one’s look, making them essential fashion items. They range from cater to various styles and preferences. Beyond just being stylish, these accessories serve practical uses, such as keeping hair out of the face or adding a pop of color to an outfit.

The versatility of crochet allows for customization in colors and designs, making it easy to match with seasonal trends or personal tastes.

As seasons change, so do the styles of crochet hair accessories. Lighter, brighter hues and floral patterns are popular in spring and summer, whereas autumn and winter see more of deep, rich colors and thicker textures for warmth and comfort. Now, let’s dive into the collection:

How To Crochet A Scrunchie

How To Crochet A Scrunchie

Crochet a beautiful wrinkled scrunchie with this tutorial for holding your hair in place. This project is accessible to crocheters of all skills. You’ll need a 3 mm hook, a hair tie, a yarn bowl, and other optional tools. The tutor recommends a blend of 100% cotton and acrylic. She emphasizes the scrunchie’s dense stitching around a hair tie for durability and a plush look. It can be easily achieved through a series of single and double crochets. An even number of stitches ensures a consistent pattern. The creator recommends using various colors for personalization and shares a clever tip for a seamless. She calls the technique the “invisible fasten-off” method.

Crochet Messy Bun Beanie

Crochet Messy Bun Beanie

This tutorial teaches how to crochet a decent Messy Bun Beanie suitable for children and adults. This improved pattern, available for various sizes, ensures perfect sizing every time. The tutor also addresses previous issues with yarn choice. To create this cozy beanie, you’ll need a 10 mm hook, a 9mm hook, and Lion Brand’s Wool-Ease bulky yarn. However, any similar gauge yarn will suffice. A little cream and red yarn add charming color accents.

The beanie’s unique feature is its addition of an elastic at the crown, for holding messy buns or ponytails. Cyprian emphasizes the importance of following the pattern closely and adjusting the stitch count for a snug fit. This practical and stylish beanie is perfect for keeping warm while showcasing your hairdo.

Easy Crochet Baby Headband

If you want a quick but heartwarming gift for a toddler, crochet this baby headband. It is a part of the tutor’s baby little set and encourages you to watch those tutorials, too. Both written and video instructions are available. This crochet baby headband utilizes cute puff stitches and according to the tutor, is a great way to practice it. It is much quick project that will bring joys in baby showers.


Beautiful Crochet Hair Clips

Beautiful Crochet Hair Clips

Learn how to crochet beautiful flower hair clips, perfect for beginners, with a step-by-step tutorial this spring. These hair clips are designed to be adorable and simple to make, utilizing medium-weight yarn. You will just need two flower appliques to assemble it. The process starts with a magic ring, progresses through making single crochet stitches, triple crochets, and slip stitches, and finally, assembling the pieces with a glue gun for a secure hold. Make sure you have a right size clip. These are suitable for both children and adults. A useful tip for this project is to ensure your slip stitches are tight enough to keep the design firm.



Crochet a cute little bow for adorning your hair with this tutorial. You will just need a “Janat Adore” yarn with a 3mm hook. The bow’s design features a combination of crochet stitches including single, half-double, double, and treble crochet for a lovely textured appearance. Its distinctive feature is its versatility; once completed, you can attach it to a clip and use it as a stylish hair accessory. A helpful tip for this project is to keep a long tail when finishing your work, which you can use to neatly sew the bow together.

Crochet Tulip Hair Clips

Crochet Tulip Hair Clips

Enhance your beauty in spring with these crochet tulip hair clips, showcased in the detailed tutorial. These clips feature yellow petals and bright green leaves that’ll add freshness to your look. However, you can change the colors to match an outfit.

The tutorial lays out a beginner-friendly way to create these clips. A total of five blooms crocheted with popcorn stitch will be enough for average-size clip. The channel’s tutor advises to manage yarn tails properly for a neat finish. These fanciful hair clips are not only appealing as children’s accessories but also as cheerful additions to an adult’s springtime wardrobe.

Breezy Bun Beanie Crochet

For winter, crochet this Easy Breezy beanie notable for its fun ribbed texture. This crochet beanie stands out for its clever top-hole design, allowing for ponytails or buns to poke through. Ally outlines how to make this beanie in four sizes—child, teen/adult small, adult medium, and adult large—ensuring a snug fit for anyone. To start, you’ll need medium (4) weight yarn, a 5.5 mm crochet hook, a yarn needle, and scissors. A main tip Ally offers is the option to add hair elastic into the beanie’s top loop for added stretch and durability. However, matching the elastic color to the yarn is necessary to maintain a seamless look.

crochet headband with puff stitch

In this tutorial, Francis teaches a simple and quick headband project perfect for beginners. It will be a lovely spring gift for newborns as contains a cute daisy flower applique in center. The headband is created with a few puff stitches, adding a charming touch.

A special part of this tutorial is the customizable nature of the headband. You can adjust the size to fit an infant, child, or even an adult. Francis emphasizes the project’s quick completion time, making it an ideal handmade gift. It will surely keep little ones warm and cozy.

cat hairband

If you are a cat lover, crocheting an adorable cat ear headband, perfect for any skill level, including beginners. It also contains two types of flowers and leaf decorations for added charm. You will also need a hair band around which you will have to crochet. What sets this headband apart is its customization potential; you can adjust the size and decorations to suit anyone from infants to adults. The tutor also encourages personal touches in decorating the headband with as many flowers and leaves as desired. This headband isn’t just a fun accessory; it’s also a great gift option

crochet headband

Learn how to crochet a cozy cable stitch headband, perfect for chilly days. Achieving such texture is a little difficult for beginners but the tutorial’s instructions make it manageable. It will due to texture a much better warm ear warmer featuring a triple cable design for beauty.

You’ll need acrylic yarn and a 4.5-millimeter hook to start. The process involves crocheting rows back and forth and then connecting them at the end to form the headband. The tutor suggests beginning with a chain of 20 and emphasizes working on cable sections with front and back post stitches.

How To Crochet Cute Scrunchies

How To Crochet Cute Scrunchies

Here is an easy crochet tutorial to create fashionable scrunchies inspired by the VSCO girl trend. Utilizing only 45 yards of DK weight yarn per scrunchie, you can fashion multiple hair accessories from a single yarn cake if you opt for a multicolored variety. With a size F crochet hook and a two-inch diameter hair elastic, you’ll crochet 45 stitches around the elastic, working in circles and using special loops to create a textured look. The scrunchies are beginner-friendly and can be made in any color. For added durability, Donna suggests securing yarn ends with clear nail polish.


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