14 Free Crochet Dog Amigurumi Patterns for Dog Lovers to Play

Crochet Dog Patterns 1

A crochet dog catches the charm of these extra cute, loyal, social, and secure animals perfectly to bring a more fluffy yarn creation into your home, especially with the gentle hands of a mother.  As both moms and dogs are symbols of unlimited devotion!

So here we are with an amazing collection of free and easy crochet dog patterns with video tutorials from the finest professionals, brilliant for beginners and challenging for seasoned crocheters alike.

Crochet Dog Patterns

Easy Crochet Dog Patterns

Who will be able to resist these crochet dog amigurumi patterns receiving as a perfect gift? Even these yarn creations are secure for people with pet allergies too. Dogs are lovely animals cherished as man’s best companions and playing a security role. These fluffy stuffed dog crochet patterns are also ready to be a huggable friend of little and adults alike. They even become welcome decorations at any door!

The mini crochet dogs will be your pocket keychains, and the larger ones will be best for any occasion or road trip to make the infants happy all time. The dogs have almost 450 species and so you can crochet a puppy toy of any type you love most with various accessories, like one with a bow tie. We have included crochet tutorials for all beginners, so choose from these crochet dog patterns.

The Materials You Will Need To Crochet Dogs

We always recommend you thoroughly read each pattern requirement. However, here are the general materials and tools you will need:

  • Yarn: It’s been confirmed and suggested by many experts that the best yarn types for amigurumi, like dog crochet patterns, mostly cotton or acrylic is used, available in DK or worsted weight. These fibers are durable but also soft, hypoallergenic, washable, and available in a big color range.
  • Crochet Hook: For a high stitch definition and to prevent stuffing from falling out, it’s recommended to use a smaller hook size than what’s generally recommended for the selected yarn. The stitches become tighter, effectively holding the stuffing inside.
  • Polyfill Stuffing: Always choose high-quality stuffing. If it starts spreading an unpleasant smell, it’s a good practice to change it out periodically.
  • Stitch Markers: As amigurumi crochet dogs need to be worked in rounds, using stitch markers can help maintain the count and location of your stitches.
  • Safety Eyes: Safety eyes give crochet dogs an attractive and realistic touch. However, if the toy is planned for a child under three years, safety eyes might pose a hazard as they can swallow them. Hence should be avoided.

How can A beginner crochet a Dog?

Crocheting an adorable crochet dog does not just suits experts! With some simple patterns, like our shared balloon dog pattern, even beginners can have fun creating them. How? Follow the tutorials below to make your very own amigurumi dog. However, the following are the skills you may need to crochet a simple stuffed dog:

  • Magic Circle: Considered the starting point for creating a loop for crocheting in the round, the magic circle is a critical skill to master.
  • Single Crochet: Essential for making stuffed dog toys, single crochet stitches result in a sturdy stitch with great definition.
  • Increase and Decrease: Add or lower the stitches to make the 3d shape fill stuffing.
  • Weaving The Ends: This involves neatly hiding loose yarn ends for a clean and professional final look.
  • Sewing: Last but not least, you’ll need some basic sewing skills to bring all the individual components together.

Don’t worry about these requirements. Remember, practice makes perfect; these steps come after each other or together at a time. Now let us move towards the first tutorial!

Doll  Amigurumi Dog

Crochet a super cuddly dog amigurumi doll using soft Himalaya velvet yarn, perfect for young ones to hug. This pattern requires two skeins of yarn in your choice of colors (pink and white are suggested), a size six crochet hook, and other traditional supplies. Minimal stuffing is needed, making the plush toy squishy and easy for little arms to embrace. It also has options to customize facial expressions. 

Cavalier Crochet Tutorial

Cavalier Crochet Tutorial

Crochet this female Cavalier dog amigurumi for your little girl with a realistic texture using loop and other basic stitches to mimic a fluffy dog’s fur, enhancing the amigurumi’s cuddly appeal. Follow step-by-step instructions to crochet each part, then assemble and add hairs for an adorable finish.

Blue Dog Amigurumi

In this tutorial, learn how toc crochet Domino, a cute blue dog amigurumi, perfect for beginners. In this tutorial by Yarn Society, you’ll need cotton worsted weight yarn, a 3.5mm crochet hook, safety eyes and nose, embroidery floss, polyfill, and fabric for detailing. Standing at 7 inches tall, Domino is an easy project, featuring unique fabric details for the eye patch and muzzle. Inspired by the love of crafting and gifting, this pattern includes an amigurumi adoption kit idea, making Domino a heartfelt gift or a delightful addition to your collection.

DIY chubby Crochet Dog Keychain

chubby crochet dog

This crochet dog amigurumi is inspired by a chubby dog from kawaii art that is much easy to crochet due to its basic shape. It can be a nice way to show love to someone. The small body parts looks extremely adorable making it just irresistable. Overall, the project is perfect for beginners and small.

Crochet Dog With A Bow

Casper The Dog Crochet

This fun and interesting video tutorial will guide you to bring a super cuddly dog amigurumi with a bow tie into your home within an hour. Whether big or small, this gentleman dog crochet toy is lovely in any form, and kids will especially cherish it as a birthday gift. For extra softness and an inflexible appearance, use the Sport weight cotton yarn for the little one and the Plush Chenille super bulky one for the larger one so that the hugs never stop and the fun remains to continue with a sturdy and durable toy!

Cute Crochet Corgi

Crochet Corgi Dog Free Pattern

This easy tutorial help to crochet a more soft and chibi corgi, a little and famous family dog, in a fun and simple way. You will love its cute, innocent safety eyes and embroidered smiling mouth, making it a relaxing decoration for your working space. Each starting chain will be neat and end up in a slip stitch. You will use soft 5ply cotton yarn in bright white and orange shades, worked with a 3mm hook. If you follow the same tension and gauge, you will also have a corgi with similar dimensions.

How to Crochet a German Shepherd Amigurumi Dog Keychain

German Shepherd Amigurumi Dog Keychain

Make your own adorable crochet mini German Shepherd keychain that will be a perfect pocket companion or a lovely bag charm fulfilling your wish to take your favorite dog always with you. The instructions are so simple that they guarantee a cute black and brown shepherd, even for beginners! After completing this stash-busting dog amigurumi, attach the keychain ring to it and it will be ready to embellish your accessories.

Small Dog Crochet Amigurumi

Amigurumi Dog Crochet

This crochet little dog doll with the tiniest arms and legs looks extra adorable, wearing a cute scarf around his neck and those flapping ears. This tutorial will help you use the magic of popcorn stitch and other basics to achieve this boxed texture and use the sewing needle to highlight the innocence more in just 20 minutes. It doubles as a playing companion for little ones and a great ornament for the car hanging for road trips or simply a keychain.

Dachshund Wiener pattern

Crochet Dachshund Wiener Dog

The wieners have little height but are long with small limbs and large ears and this crochet wiener amigurumi perfectly catches all the features of this most loyal and cute dog. With the gentleness of the super bulky plush yarn, it will be the best sofa or sleeping companion. As this may take a long while to complete, the tutor has cut the process into three parts and you can also watch them. You can see those big safety eyes but remember that safety eyes are not suggested for children under 3 years. Instead, use the sewing needle to print them like the mouth.


Balloon Dog Amigurumi

Balloon Dog Amigurumi

The balloon twisting and folding to make the animals or other objects is fun but not long-lasting. So follow this crochet dog balloon tutorial, where you will learn to crochet a balloon dog amigurumi that needs durable yarn and a weaver called the hook perfect last-minute gift for the little ones. Don’t worry about how to start because the tutorial will guide you all.


Crochet Puppy Dog Keychain

Crochet Puppy Dog Keychain

Here is a winter-themed crcohet amigurumi puppy with a cute scarf tied around that is a perfect guard for your keys or the smiles of little ones. Just follow the tutorial!

Shiba Inu Dog Amigurumi Crochet

Shiba Inu Dog Amigurumi Crochet

Let’s make a simple yet cuddliest and cutest Shiba Inu Dog crochet Amigurumi! Our little teddy loves to sit and stay by our side, always ready for our next playtime, and it is small enough to travel everywhere!

Amigurumi Dog Free Pattern

Amigurumi Dog Free Pattern

Dogs are considered happy whenever they bring their tongue outside without reason, and this crochet baby dog looking similar to a fluffy ball, cutely catches that lovely scene. You will need a lot of stuffing to copy that softness and to receive big gentle hugs from this dog. We will use brown, dark brown, white, and pink 4ply yarns and a  4 – 5 mm crochet hook to crochet this funny guy!


How To Tack Down Dog Ears

How To Tack Down Dog Ears

Nobody will resist brightening the playing time with a crochet teddy dog, amigurumi showing its tongue with worries. However, this tutorial teaches us how to add that beautiful curl to the ears, a remarkable detail often represented by a dog breed called a terrier. Add this tiny but attractive thing to any stuffed dog and increase its beauty in 5 minutes.

Easy Cute Dog Amigurumi Keychain

Easy Cute Dog Amigurumi Keychain

This bouncy crochet dog amigurumi looks adorable and funny with all its excellent details, like that scar around one eye and little legs under just the face, perfect for a keychain. So, this one would be the best stress-relieving companion for you and can be finished in an afternoon spare hour along with following the tutorial. Make as many charms for a friend or family member!

Crochet Puppy Love

Crochet Puppy Love

When it comes time to get a gift loved by both siblings, you can crochet this puppy amigurumi, making a difference in the liked Bernat blanket yarn color.

Beagle Dog Amigurumi Keychain

Beagle Dog Amigurumi Keychain

The beagles look handsome throughout their entire life, and its little crochet dog keychain remains a pretty keepsake for the years and a can easily fit into even a little one hands and a tiny pocket. You must have a strong grip on changing the colors to crochet this! With its adorable floppy ears and bright eyes, it’s ready to accompany you on all your daily quests. It will still not forget its responsibility to always protect your keys.


How To Crochet Dog Amigurumi


Here is another exciting corgi doll with a cute red strap with a yellow pom bell. This happy pup will be a sight to behold, crocheted with brown and white plush yarn using a 5mm hook when added as a welcome decorative toy for visitors. Just follow the tutorial deeply, from making the magic circle to weaving the ends.

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