10 Crochet Phone Stand Patterns For Personal Use

Crochet Phone Stand Patterns

A handy crochet Phone Stand is essential in today’s fast-paced, technology-driven world. It will help provide your phone with decent holding positions and help you enjoy watching your favorite movies, reading books/notes, or a lot of amazing activities without keeping your hands busy.

Crochet Phone Stand Patterns

Crochet Phone Stand Patterns 1

Above mentioned features are the main reasons that motivate us to curate this list of free and easy crochet phone stand patterns. These crochet Phone Stands will range from simple to fancy styles, suiting every individual’s unique style and needs. These crochet Phone Stands are functional and portable, perfect for hands-free use like video calls or watching content. Plus, they make your workspace more appealing and are environmentally friendly.

Supplies You Need For Crocheting Phone Stands Are:

If you want to make a phone stand, you’ll need the following list of materials:

  • Yarn
  • Hook
  • Scissor
  • Needle
  • Stitch Maker

What’s The Best Yarn For Making Phone Stands?

When choosing the perfect yarn for your crochet Phone Stand, it’s essential to factor in the durability, ease of care, and desired appearance, ultimately leading to a handmade accessory that’s both practical and aesthetically pleasing.

The best yarn for creating Phone Stands is typically cotton or acrylic, as they offer a sturdy structure and maintain shape over time.

  • Cotton yarn is a natural, breathable material that provides a firm, non-slip grip and is easily washable.
  • Acrylic yarn offers similar qualities in terms of durability and is an affordable alternative to cotton.

How To Crochet Tulip Phone Holder

How To Crochet Tulip Phone Holder

You’ll absolutely adore the Crochet Tulip Phone Holder! It is a cheerful and charming way to store any phone. Designed as a lovely pink tulip with green leaves and a cute off-white, round base, it adds flair to any living space. The holder makes for an amusing conversation starter while keeping the phone handy. With an easy-to-follow video guide, creating this delightful crochet tulip turns into a delightful experience for everyone!

Crochet Crab Cell Phone Stand

Crochet Crab Cell Phone Stand

Meet the Crochet Crab Cell Phone Stand!  This stand is like a sweet, cuddly friend holding your phone. Dyed in lovely orange with round eyes and tiny spikes, it brings a playful touch everywhere. It’s not only a stand but also a fun piece of decor. Everyone appreciates this adorable crab, which also makes a charming present. It’s hard not to love this cute crab cell phone stand; it brightens your day!

Crochet Mobile Phone Holder

The Crochet Mobile Phone Holder is a joy to have! It is a flash of color and charm that holds a phone securely. Even better, it’s fast and easy to make with the color mix of your choice. This holder is not just useful; it’s also a cute decoration for any space. Make one for yourself or gift it; it’s sure to be loved. So pop your phone into this vibrant holder and enjoy!

Crochet Sunflower Cell Phone Stand

Crochet Sunflower Cell Phone Stand

Imagine having a cute crochet stand mimicking a cheerful sunflower for your mobile! Its vibrant yellow and brown colors brighten your surroundings while the leafy green stem firmly holds your phone. Ideal for desks or bedside tables, this sunflower cell phone stand is as handy as it is eye-catching. Its attractive design adds a splash of charm to any room. You can craft this beauty by simply following a step-by-step guide. It’s so delightful and sure to win hearts all around.

Crochet Cell Phone Stand

What a charming way to hold your phone! This crochet cell phone stand, shaped like a pretty tulip, is just the thing to brighten your day. Its lovely pink petals, green leaves, and brown stems create a delightful and useful stand. The round base keeps your phone stable and secure. This crochet cell phone stand is multi-functional and stylish, perfect for your home, office, or car. Your gadgets will look extra lovely sitting in this cozy, eye-catching holder.

Crochet Snail Phone Stand

Crochet Snail Phone Stand

Oh, how adorable! Meet Mr. Snail, a crochet cell phone stand made just for you. Its delightful spiral design looks cute and keeps your phone stable. With a charming snail resting upon a beautiful leaf, this stand adds color and fun to your desk or bedstand. If you enjoy crafting your own accessories or need a special gift for someone, this crochet snail phone stand is the perfect choice. Let it brighten up your life and bring a smile to your face!

Phone Stand Horse Unicorn

mobile Stand Horse Unicorn

Meet your new adorable helper – the crochet horse unicorn phone stand! This stand keeps your phone in place and provides little pockets for storing cute knick-knacks. With a white body and colorful decorations, it’s a creative way to use leftover yarn scraps. This 3D unicorn stand is a must-have for fans of horses and unicorns alike. Place it on a desk, bookshelf, or nightstand, and let its magical charm brighten your space!


Phone Tablet Book Stand

 Tablet Book Stand

Imagine a comfy crochet stand that supports your phone, tablet, or book! Shaped like a soft wedge pillow, this multi-purpose stand has small storage pockets. Whether resting on the sofa or moving around, this stand keeps your device steady. It’s ideal for reading or following a crochet pattern and is easy to put away when unused. Light and handy, this crochet stand is an all-around great helper for your daily needs!


Crochet Phone Stand

 mobile Stand creation

Need a fun spot for your phone? Try out this comfy crochet phone stand! This easy-to-make accessory holds your phone or small tablet securely in place on your desk or bedside table. Crafted with just yarn and a bit of stuffing, this stand is not only cute but also sturdy. The pattern allows you to customize it using your favorite colors or match it to your room’s decor. Enjoy both a stylish and helpful touch with this charming crochet phone stand!


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