Crochet Candy Flower Coaster Pattern Easy For Beginners

Completed Coaster

Quick, extra appealing, completely relevant, and very useful, crochet flower coasters are the best spring tasks. If you also want to learn how to crochet flower coasters for any purpose, this free candy flower coaster pattern will be helpful for you. With a combination of dense and lacy stitches, a petal pattern, and two beautiful colors, you will easily end up with many dining table decors (anything you wish!) following this crochet flower coaster free pattern

Free Crochet Coaster Pattern – Candy Flower

Crochet Candy Flower Coaster

Crochet coasters are always fun to make because they are generally quick and easy, plus they are great stash busters! But when they come as flower crochet patterns, I forget all the crochet loves and other types of these small placements. You will love to use this floral coaster as face scrubbies  (soft enough, I meant!) when not on the table, and make many to send friends in a few hours. I will give below the helpful tips and guides for each stitch that we will use and the same blossom coaster pattern for which you are here. So, keep reading this pattern and start learning!

How To  Crochet Candy Flower Coaster?

Here is a quick summary of the steps that will be involved in making this crochet flower coaster to determine whether you know that or not:

  1. Start with the first color with a smaller, non-spacy round, then work outward around this foundation round using a specific combination of chain, joining stitch, and a little flexible stitch (in pattern!) to make the dense center of the flower.
  2. When the center is big enough, join another color, make extra chains, skip some stitches, insert a hook after skipping, and then use a more flexible and spacy stitch to achieve a lacy texture. Repeat this around the whole round!
  3. After one lacy round, skip relatively fewer stitches, insert the hook after, and use the flexible stitch again. You can crochet the petal shapes by repeating this.

At first, the procedure may look a bit confusing, but with the pictures and step-by-step guide, you could follow this crochet pattern for a blooming coaster.

Tips To Choose the Right Yarn And What I Prefer

Don’t mislead yourself about yarn choice, especially when crocheting the coaster. Because the coaster may need to receive the condensing water from the jar and sometimes the heated pots. So, a durable, heat-resistant, and absorbent yarn should be used.

I, and surely all other crocheters, found cotton the right choice and used the Paintbox Cotton DK in two colors as it was found to be good for flower details. Although you will not find abundant colors, you can get many advantages that others, especially artificial fibers, lack. You can use any color, whether crochet sunflower shades or others.

Other Materials You Will Need

Here are more materials that you will need to make this nature-inspired coaster:

  • 3.5 mm Hook Size – Although 4mm is mostly used for DK, I needed to get a dense texture.
  • Scissors
  • Stitch Marker – I did not use it, but it is good for beginners.

Abbreviations Guides For Beginners & When Use In Pattern

Although very basic techniques will be needed for this candy crochet flower coaster pattern if you are a beginner, you can recall here and find the time and place where you will use each:

ch – chain: You will need it at the start of each round (counting as half double or double!). To make, yarn over and pull through the loop.

ss – slip stitch: To join rounds and start a new color, you will need for flower coaster crochet pattern. Start by inserting the hook into the required stitch, yarn over and pull through, and then both loops on the hook.

htr – half treble (=half double!): You will need after the chains to work further in the round, mainly for the center of the flower coaster. Don’t confuse with the terms that differ in the UK and US. I kept that equivalent to the half-double. To do so, yarn over and insert the hook into the stitch, yo, and pull up a loop. Now, pull through all three loops after yarning over.

tr – treble (=double!): I have kept this equal to the double crochet and will use it after changing the color to create the petal of the flower coaster to achieve the spacy texture. To do, yarn over and insert the hook into the stitch, yo and pull up a loop, yo and pull through the first two, yo again and pull through the last.

St–stitch: To refer to a particular set of stitches.

Crochet Flower Coaster Tutorial

Now getting all the information about the pattern requirement, let’s start the tutorial:

Pattern Note: Now Made Easy For Beginners

The instructions are written in UK terms, but you’ll find US (and UK) Shorthand Instructions at the end of the tutorial.

Round 1

Round 1 – Using Yarn A, start with a magic ring, ch2 (counts as 1htr), 11htr into the ring, ss into initial htr to join. [12htr]

Round 2 – ch2 (counts as htr), 1htr into the same stitch, 2htr into each remaining st from the prev round, ss into initial htr to join [24htr]

Round 3

Round 3 – ch2 (counts as htr), 2htr into the next stitch, *1htr into the following st, 2htr in the next; rep from * around, ss into intital htr to join and fasten off. [36htr]

Round 4

Round 4 – Attach Yarn B into any htr from the previous round, *ch2, miss a stitch, ss into the next; rep from * around. [18 x ch-2sp]

Round 5

Round 5 – ss into ch-2 sp, ch6 (counts as 1tr, ch3) tr into the same ch sp, ch1, *miss a ch-2 sp, (tr, ch3, tr, ch1) in the next; rep from * around, ss into the 3rd ch of the initial ch6.

Round 6

Round 6 – ss into ch-3 sp, ch3 (counts as 1tr), 6tr into the same sp, dc in the ch-1 sp, *7tr in the next ch-3 sp, dc in the following ch-1 sp; rep from * 7more times, ss into top of initial ch3 and fasten off.

Completed Coaster

Completed Coaster

Shorthand UK

Rnd 1 –  12htr into a magic ring [12htr]

Rnd 2 – 2htr in each st [24htr]

Rnd 3 – 1htr, 2htr in the next, rep around [36htr]

Rnd 4 – (ch2, ss) in every 2nd st

Rnd 5 – (tr, ch3, tr, ch1) in every second ch-2 sp

Rnd 6 – 7tr in ch-3 sp, dc in the next, rep around.

Shorthand US

Rnd 1 –  12hdc into a magic ring [12hdc]

Rnd 2 – 2hdc in each st [24hdc]

Rnd 3 – 1hdc, 2hdc in the next, rep around [36hdc]

Rnd 4 – (ch2, ss) in every 2nd st

Rnd 5 – (dc, ch3, dc, ch1) in every second ch-2 sp

Rnd 6 – 7dc in ch-3 sp, sc in the next, rep around.

Free Crochet Candy Flower Coaster Pattern Easy

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