Free Crochet Kiwi Bird Pattern For Spring Crocheting


Learn how to crochet kiwi bird amigurumi wearing a cute kiwi fruit bag perfect to crochet in springtime with this free pattern. The use of plush yarn not only gives it shine but also helps it complete so quickly. It will be a perfect gift for those who have an equal love for kiwi birds and kiwi fruit. The finished Kiwi plushie is also a great desktop decoration.

The designer will also give you a great idea of how to change it from this form to a chibi style. Overall, it’s accessible for crocheters of various skill levels, offering a satisfying project. With its unique kiwi fruit bag, promises to bring a smile and a dash of creativity to your day.

crochet kiwi bird pattern

Pattern and design by @hunnypothobbies

Supplies Needed

The designer of the crochet kiwi bird pattern has mentioned the following supplies that should be used to recreate it from scratch:

  • Super Bulky Yarn Size 6 in Brown, Dark Brown, Beige, White, and Green
  • (The designer used Bernat Blanket Taupe and Birch, and Bernat Baby Blanket Baby Sand, White, and Lemon Lime)
  • Worsted Weight Yarn in Black
  • Size 7 Crochet Hook
  • 12 mm Safety Eyes
  • Stitch Markers
  • Scissors
  • Polyfill Stuffing
  • Darning Needle

Abbreviations used

Make sure you understand the meanings of each crochet abbreviation used in the written kiwi amigurumi pattern by reading this list:

Special Tip: Change the color and shorten the beak for a chubby bird!

How to Crochet Kiwi Bird Amigurumi

The Crochet Kiwi Bird Amigurumi is a special project because it combines the cuteness of the kiwi bird with the fun twist of a kiwi fruit bag, making it a delightful and unique creation. What’s special is how it captures the spirit of the kiwi bird, known for its distinctive shape and fuzzy brown exterior, through the soft and shiny plush yarn. This project is not only a cute toy but also a creative piece of decoration that brings a touch of nature’s whimsy indoors.

One challenge you might face while working on this bird amigurumi is handling the plush yarn, which can be a bit slippery, and harder to see stitches due to its fuzziness. To overcome this, take your time with each stitch, ensuring you have good lighting to help see where your hook needs to go. Another challenge could be the Kiwi fruit bag accessory, which requires attention to detail. Practice patience, and don’t be afraid to unravel and retry if it doesn’t look right the first time. With all these tips, let’s head towards the crochet kiwi bird pattern we have provided below:


  • Start with brown
  • R1: sc 6 in MR [6]
  • R2: Inc x6 [12]
  • R3: (sc. Inc) x6 [18]
  • R4: (2sc, Inc) x6 [24]
  • R5-8: sc around (4 rounds) [24]
  • R9: (2sc. Dec) x6 [18]
  • R10: sc around [18]
  • R11: (2sc, Inc) x6 [24]
  • R12: (3sc, Inc) x6 [30]
  • R13: sc around [30]
  • R14: (4sc, Inc) x6 [36]
  • “Insert safety eyes betweer rounds 6 and 7 with 6 stitches in between
  • R15-20: sc around (6 rounds) [36]
  • “Stuff the head and continue stuffing body as you go
  • R21: (4sc. Dec) x6 [30]
  • R22: (3sc, Dec) x6 [24]
  • R23: (2sc. Dec) x6 [18]
  • R24: (1sc, Dec) x6 [12]
  • *Finish stuffing body
  • R25: Dec around [6]
  • FO and use the tail to sew the opening closed


  • Using Beige
  • R1: sc 4 in MR [4]
  • R2-7: sc around (6 rounds) [4]
  • FO and leave tail for sewing
  • *do not stuff
  • Sew on rounds 6-7 centered
  • between the eyes



Fun Fact From Designer: Kiwis are the only birds in the world with nostrils at the end of their beaks. Their sense of smell is AMAZING!

  • By the Make 2 feet.
  • Start with beige
  • R1: sc 4 in MR [4]
  • R2: sc around [4]
  • R3: (SLST, chain 3, starting in second chain from hook SLST 2) x3 FO by SLST into the last stitch leaving a tail for sewing
  • Thread the tail back through the MR and sew to round 19-20 of the body about 6 stitches apart and just below the eyes
  • You should be sewing the MR to the body.

Optional Kiwi Fruit Bag


  • Start with white
  • R1: sc 6 in MR [6]
  • *CC to green on last stitch
  • R2: Inc around [12]
  • *CC to dark brown on the last stitch
  • R3-4: sc around (2 rounds) [12]
  • R5: Dec around [6]
  • FO and sew hole closed
  • “The designer used the yarn tails to stuff
  • Use black yarn to embroider seeds on the bag
  • Take a separate piece of dark brown yarn and SLST into round 3
  • Chain 30 and SLST back into round 3
  • 2-3 stitches apart
  • FO and hide tails

Another Fun Fact! Kiwis have more in common with mammals than birds!

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