How to Single Crochet (sc) | Step-by-Step Tutorial For Beginners

Single Crochet Tutorial

Are you in need of learning how to single crochet? I welcome you to this single crochet (sc) step-by-step tutorial for beginners. You will learn alot about single crochet, revise the previous techniques, and study the process of this stitch with pictures. So, grab your hook, and let’s get started!

Free Crochet Single Crochet Tutorial
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Details about Single crochet

Single crochet is one of the 6 basic crochet stitches. In this section, you will learn various important aspects of single crochet that will be helpful, especially when you will be following a pattern.


Single crochet stitch in the US is abbreviated as the “sc,” and in the UK, it is abbreviated as the “dc” and referred to as the Double crochet stitch. These are merely the term differences in two different regions, while the procedure and meaning of both are similar.

Chart Symbol

While following a crochet symbol chart of a pattern, you can identify the single crochet with a “+” or “X.”

single crochet symbol


The height of a single crochet stitch is taller than the slip stitch but smaller than the half-double crochet.

Turning Chains

Turning chains is the number of chains that are needed at the start of a row to get the height of particular stitches. For the single crochet, its number is one. It is however, not counted as a stitch.

Single Crochet | Step-by-Step Guide

Now, you will get a step-by-step quick guide on how to single crochet.

Skills to Know Before: 

  1. Make slip knot and chain in any number. These are referred to as foundational chains. You will work your single crochet (sc) inserting hook in them.
  2. In the first chain from the crochet hook, insert the hook. Insert enough that the stitch touches with the slip knot.
  3. See what it looks like in the picture.
  4. Yarn over once.
  5. Pull the crochet hook back and keep pulling until it goes through the stitch where you inserted the crochet hook. It is called pulling through the stitch.
  6. Check what it looks like in the picture.
  7. Yarn over once again.
  8. Pull the crochet hook through the stitch.
  9. You can see your first single crochet has been completed.

Keep repeating steps 2-9 until the foundational chains have been ended.

How to Start a New Row?

To start a new row of single crochet, you will turn the crochet work and make one chain. This chain is called the turning chain for the single crochet. Then, you will insert the crochet hook in the first stitch and repeat steps 2-9 until the new row starts.

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