How to Single Crochet Decrease (SC2tog) Tutorial For Novices

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Are you in search to learn how to decrease single crochet stitches? Grab your hook because I have brought this step-by-step tutorial for the single crochet decrease, also called single crochet two together. After getting the guide from it, you can crochet amigurumi, appliques, baskets and much more. There will also be full details about this stitch, and I shall explain another type of single crochet increase, too.

Single crochet Two together - decrease tutorial
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Details About Single Crochet Decrease (sc2tog)

Single crochet decrease (sc2tog) is a technique to remove one stitch in a row by working two stitches together. You should be aware of the following things about this stitch:

Pattern Abbreviations

There are two main abbreviations for the single crochet decrease in crochet patterns. These mean the same thing. Although they seem to be a little different, they are the same:

The instructors who want to make the crochet pattern pattern little easier for beginners (though they can’t) use the symbol “sc2tog,” which means single crochet two together.

The rest of the patterns write it as “sc dec,” which in turn means the same, where dec means decrease.


The symbol for the single crochet decrease in chart patterns is the same as that of the single crochet increase (two sc symbols making T by connecting the tips), except that it is inverted.

Sc decrease symbol

Meaning of single crochet decrease

A single crochet decrease means working two single crochet together in the next two stitches so that they make one stitch. It is done by working an incomplete single crochet in a stitch. (stopping to gather two loops on the hook). Then we perform another incomplete single crochet next stitch. Then, we pull all three loops on the hook so two stitches may attach together.

Single Crochet | Step-by-Step Instructions

As mentioned earlier, to create a single crochet decrease, you will work two sc stitches together, combining them into one stitch. Below, you will, however, find the written instructions for crocheting it with pictures:

Skill Level: Beginner

  1. Make sure you have any kind of foundation stitches.
  2. Insert your hook into the indicated first stitch.
  3. Yarn over (yo).
  4. Pull up a loop, leaving two loops on your hook.
  5. Instead of completing the single crochet stitch. Insert your hook into the second stitch.
  6. Yarn over (yo).
  7. Pull up a loop, leaving three loops on your hook.
  8. Yarn over (yo) again and pull through all three loops on your hook.
  9. The decrease has been completed.

You can extend the number of stitches on which you will work the incomplete single-crochet to get decreases like single crochet three together, etc.

Invisible Single Crochet Decrease

To create an invisible single crochet decrease, you will work through the front loops only of the two stitches to be decreased. In this way, you can get an invisible decrease.

  • Insert your hook under the front loop only (FLO) of the first stitch.
  • Then, insert your hook under the front loop only (FLO) of the second stitch.
  • Yarn over (yo) and pull up a loop through both front loops, leaving two loops on your hook.
  • Yarn over (yo) again and pull through both loops on your hook.

I hope you have learned the stitch. Tell me If you have any questions related to this topic!

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