How to Double crochet (dc) | Step-by-Step Tutorial

double crochet stitch

Are you ready to tackle the double crochet (dc)? So, grab your crochet hook and learn how to double crochet with this step-by-step tutorial for beginners. This easy stitch (one of the most basic crochet techniques) has vast usage whether to create new stitches or items like granny squares, clothing and much more. So, let’s get started!

Double crochet tutorial
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Double Crochet Details

These informative facts about the double crochet stitch are necessary to learn as follows:


In crochet patterns, double crochet is abbreviated as “dc,” which is the same as treble crochet in the UK, abbreviated as “tr.” Though double crochet has different names in different regions, both work similarly.

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In crochet charts, double crochet (dc) is represented by a “letter T with a crossed and little tilted line in the center.” A cluster of double crochet is shown by the same symbol in a number of stitches in the cluster that has a common emerging region. A great example is the shell cluster, which consists of the 5-dc cluster.

Double crochet (US) symbol

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The double crochet stitch is larger than the half-double stitch (US) and smaller than the treble crochet.

Turning chains

While starting a new row, the number of chains to get the height of the double crochet is three.

How to Double Crochet | Step-by-Step Instructions With Pictures

In this section, I shall explain the double crochet step by step for beginners:

Skill Level: Beginner

Techniques to Know: 

  1. Double crochet step-by-step pictures

Instructions From Pictures

  1. Make a slip knot and chain any number of foundation chains plus three more to get the height of the double crochet. Yarn Over (YO).
  2. Insert your crochet hook into the 4th chain from the hook.
  3. Yarn over and pull up a loop through the stitch.
  4. You now have three loops on your hook.
  5. Yarn over again.
  6. And pull through the first two loops on the hook.
  7. Now, you have two loops remaining on your hook.
  8. Yarn over one more time.
  9. Pull through the remaining two loops on your hook.

Your one Double Crochet stitch is completed. For the next double crochet, you will insert the hook into the next stitch from the hook after yarning over. Repeat the steps. 3-9.

How do you start a new double crochet row?

At the end of the first row of double crochet stitches, turn the work and make three turning chains. Then, make the double crochet in the first stitch and then each next stitch.

Hope you liked the tutorial!

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