Crochet Orla Love Bag Pattern Made Of Flower Squares

Crochet Orla Love Bag 1

The Orla Love Bag crochet pattern is a fantastic work that allows creatives to unleash their vision and craftsmanship. It artfully combines the intricacy of individual squares with the overall beauty of the resulting bag, presenting a glorious marriage of simplicity and complexity. Each square brings its unique charm and forms the captivating tapestry of the Orla Love Bag when seamlessly joined together. This fun bag flawlessly displays their love for intricate patterns and detail orientation. Making this delightful bag is an artistic journey filled with excitement, inviting you to lose yourself in the alluring rhythm of the craft. This pattern is a definite jewel for crochet enthusiasts, marking a milestone in exploring this art form.

Orla Love Bag

Crochet Orla Love Bag


  • 30 Orla Love Squares (follow the pattern linked on the page)
  • 4-ply light grey cotton yarn (or yarn of choice)


  1. Creating Squares: Begin by making 30 Orla Love Squares. You can find the specific pattern for these squares on the provided link.
  2. Joining Squares:
    • You can join your squares in any method you prefer. For this pattern, the squares will join by:
      • Holding them right sides together.
      • Working a row of single crochet (sc) through the back loops of the squares.
    • This was done using 4-ply light grey cotton yarn, though the choice is flexible. The intention behind using 4-ply yarn is to create a definition channel between the squares.
  3. Assembly:
    • Based on the guide images (not provided in the scrape), join:
      • The front 18 squares.
      • The back 12 squares.

Regrettably, this is a basic skeleton of the process without the images or further details. You would need to check the full pattern or the images on the original website for more comprehensive steps, especially for the specifics on how to crochet the Orla Love Squares or more detailed joining and assembly instructions.


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