Crochet Romantic Granny Bag Pattern For Free

Crochet Romantic Granny Bag

The Crochet Romantic Granny Bag Pattern is honestly impressive. It combines old-time crochet methods with new design details. The pattern captures the charm of the good old days with its use of grannies, while the unique making and trendy shape move it firmly into the present day. The final product reminds us of a fondly remembered past and rightly fits its name. There’s no question that this fun bag pattern marries ease and fashion perfectly, capturing the real spirit of crochet work.

Romantic Granny Bag

Romantic Granny Bag


  • Schachenmayr Catania crochet yarn, 100% cotton (50g/125m), in white or desired color —about 10-12 balls.
  • Crochet hook No. 3
  • 2 different cotton fabrics of 1.5 m x 1 m or as desired
  • A large piece of paper 1.5 m x 1 m (e.g., packing paper)
  • Pencil, scissors, fabric needle, sewing needle, white thread, pins
  • Sewing machine, iron
  • 2 bamboo handles or similar


  1. To make this bag, you must crochet 24 square grannies, each 13 cm or 5 inches long. Crochet them in white or the color of your choice. If you maintain the size, you can also choose the grannie pattern.
  2. Arrange the grannies according to the instructed schema and join them at the edges with a single crochet stitch, forming a large, flat piece.
  3. Fold the piece so the vertices meet (the outside of the bag is on the outside; see schema). Using a single crochet, join the bag sides together starting at the second granny from the top.
  4. Then, trace the outline of the bag with a pencil onto your large piece of paper to create a pattern for the bag lining. Cut out the lining pattern and cross-check against the bag to see if it fits.
  5. Fold your two chosen fabrics on the right sides together. Place the lining pattern onto the fabric so that the base of the bag sits on the fabric fold. Pin the pattern in place, leaving about 1 cm seam allowance on the sides and at the top. Cut both fabrics following the pattern.
  6. Place the cut fabrics on the right sides together and sew them with a 1 cm seam allowance, leaving a small opening. Trim back the corners, then turn the lining right-side through the small opening. Push the corners out well, then hand-sew the opening closed with thread. Press the piece with an iron.
  7. Sew the side seam close to the marked point (see crochet bag; measure to the seam above the 2nd granny).
  8. Consider what kind of handles you want for the bag. If you’re using bamboo handles or similar, attach these to the bag only after the lining has been sewn in.
  9. Insert the lining into the bag and secure it with pins. Hand sews the lining to the bag along the opening, first securing the corners and then stitching along to the top edge.


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