Crochet C2C Star Blanket Pattern


A handmade crochet blanket will be the loveliest item you can crochet when spending a lot of time indoors during winter. It’s warm, comfy, and many times stylish as you need. Today, you will learn how to crochet a quick and easy blanket featuring a cute big tapestry star, all using the fun Corner to Corner (C2C) technique. For some extra adorableness, I’ve included soft pom poms in the corners of the star color! How cute all this looks in a white and peachy self-striped yarn combination!

Everything you need to know to crochet this C2C chunky blanket will be covered whether you’re making it for a baby or yourself. This blanket will keep you warm and touch your home decor.

Crochet C2C Star Blanket
Crochet C2C Star Blanket Pattern

I used the C2C technique in this crochet star blanket because it helped me show my pixel art (our lovely star!) on the white panel. This colorful blanket will be an especially kind gift for babies, and if you have time, crochet a complete bed-sized one or even place it as a wall hanging when not in use!

By the way, the C2C technique is one in which we work back and forth diagonally, starting from one corner until we reach the other. It’s so easy and quick that even beginners can learn it quickly. Mot for only the crochet blankets, scarves, shawls, and dishcloths are also possible once you learn it. I am here to practice with a large project like this crochet chunky blanket. But Once you start this chunky corner-to-corner (C2C) star blanket, you cannot stop until it is finished. You’ll tell yourself, “Just one more row”, as you watch the emerging star become whole,

This comprehensive guide will teach you to discuss the necessary supplies needed to crochet. Then move toward the photos with instructions for each step. So, let’s move!

Working C2C Stitch

Supplies You Will need

Before going to start crocheting this blanket, go ahead and gather these supplies:

Choosing Yarn: I used the super soft hundred percent polyester yarn known as the Baby Bernat Blanket Yarn in the chunky weight. I love this because it comes in many self-striped and solid colors. I picked pure white (solid) and peachy (multi-colored with little intervals of changing color) for this star blanket. Super bulkiness allowed it to complete quickly, while this yarn offered a lot of softness, durability, and washability.

Crochet Hook: I used the 10mm crochet hook because I used the extra thick yarn. While crocheting, you may use the hook you are comfortable with and do not get tired quickly (because it may take a long time to complete!).

Also, do not forget to make a gauge swatch to match the tightness of the stitches with the pattern.

Clover pom maker: The Clover pom maker is a handy tool for making pom poms. It’s easy to use, even for beginners. You wrap your yarn around the tool, cut along the edges, and then secure it with a piece of yarn.

This gives you perfectly round and fluffy pom poms to accessorize your item. However, I will tell you the simpler method without using this in the pattern!

Other Notions: You will require a wool needle to sew the pom poms to the corners. Stitch markers will help you keep track of the stitches, and scissors will be so helpful!

Understanding this Crochet Blanket Pattern

Now let’s talk about the meanings of instructions we use in patterns.  Beginners may find it difficult to crochet the C2C blanket, but it is simple to make only using the basic stitches as follows:

Ch = chain: To Make a foundational chain stitch, make a slip knot, roll the inserted hook around (yarn over), and pull the yarn through this loop. Do the same again according to the number of chains you will need.

Ss = slip stitch: To make a slip stitch, Insert the hook into the next stitch from the inserted hook, yarn over, and pull through that stitch and the active loop containing the inserted hook. It is usually used for joining, fastening, or finishing your work.

Rep = repeat: To do the same specified thing as before.

Beg = beginning: Usually referring to the starting point of your crochet project or a particular section

Tr = treble (dc): wrapping the yarn twice around the hook before inserting it into the fabric.

St(s) = stitch(es

Working C2C Stitch

The C2C stitch is worked in blocks of 4tr (dc), and one tr (dc) is formed by making a ch3. Follow the directions below on how to work a C2C stitch. Making a small practice swatch is a good idea until you get the hang of it. Once you’ve got the hang of it, follow the chart below or use the color block guide. The color block instructions are the easiest way to follow a C2C pattern. 🙂

Row 1: (RS) ch6, 1dc in the 4th ch from the hook (3ch missed counts as 1tr (dc)), 1tr (dc) in each of the next 2ch [1 block of 4tr (dc) complete] (see below)



Row 2: (WS) turn, ch6. 1tr (dc) in the 4th ch from the hook (3ch missed counts as 1tr (dc)), 1tr (dc) in each of the next 2ch (block made). Slst into 3ch sp from prev row, ch3 (counts as 1tr (dc)), 3tr (dc) in ch-3 sp from prev row [2 blocks of 4tr (dc)] (see below)

Row 3

Following Rows

Row 3: (RS) turn, ch6, 1tr (dc) into 4th ch from the hook, 1tr (dc) in each of the next 2ch, *slst into ch-3 sp from prev row, ch3, 3tr (dc) in ch-3 sp in ch-3 sp of block in prev row * [3 blocks of 4tr (dc)]

Following Rows:

Work as in Row 3, repeating between * and * as often as needed. The rows will increase by 1 block of 4tr (dc) each time. The pattern continues this way until the desired width is reached, and then decreasing will begin.

Decreasing Rows:

After the desired width is reached, turn, slst in each of the first 3tr (dc) and in the first ch-3 sp, ch3, 3tr (dc) in the same ch-3 sp, and continue to make tr blocks as normal.

Changing colors: 

To change colors, simply loop the new color into the top loop of the last st and pull tightly. In most cases, you won’t need to cut the previous yarn color, just drop it and pick it up when needed again (usually when working the next row).

If the color doesn’t naturally fall in the correct spot, simply ss through stitches to work the yarn into the correct position. You can work with multiple balls, so you don’t need to cut and reattach yarn. See image below –


Crochet Chunky C2C Blanket Pattern:

Here is the quick, easy, and fun written tutorial to guide you through each step. This blanket will be your love to curl up the whole winter!

Pattern Details:

Here is a quick summary of the pattern:

Skill Level: Beginner – easy

Finished Size: Approx. 90x115cm

Materials: Bernat Baby Blanket Yarn, chunky  (100% polyester, 300g/201m per ball), 3 x balls in white 4005, 1 x ball in Peachy 4510. 1metre length of 8ply pink yarn (for attaching pom poms)

Hook: Size 10mm crochet hook

Abbreviations (US terms in brackets)

  • St(s) = stitch(es)
  • Ch = chain
  • Ss = slip stitch
  • Rep = repeat
  • Beg = beginning
  • Tr = treble (dc)

Color Block Guide

← Row 1 [RS]: White

→ Row 2 [WS]: White2

← Row 3 [RS]: White3

→ Row 4 [WS]: White4

← Row 5 [RS]: White5

→ Row 6 [WS]: White6

← Row 7 [RS]: White7

→ Row 8 [WS]: White8

← Row 9 [RS]: White9

→ Row 10 [WS]: White10

← Row 11 [RS]: White11

→ Row 12 [WS]: White12

← Row 13 [RS]: White5, Peachy, White7

→ Row 14 [WS]: White7, Peachy2, White5

← Row 15 [RS]: White6, Peachy2, White7

→ Row 16 [WS]: White8, Peachy2, White6

← Row 17 [RS]: White6, Peachy3, White8

→ Row 18 [WS]: White9, Peachy3, White6

← Row 19 [RS]: White7, Peachy3, White9

→ Row 20 [WS]: White9, Peachy8, White3

← Row 21 [RS]: White3, Peachy8, White10

→ Row 22 [WS]: White9, Peachy9, White4

← Row 23 [RS]: White5, Peachy11, White7


→ Row 24 [WS]: White6, Peachy11, White6

← Row 25 [RS]: White7, Peachy11, White5

→ Row 26 [WS]: White5, Peachy10, White8

← Row 27 [RS]: White9, Peachy8, White6

→ Row 28 [WS]: White6, Peachy8, White9

← Row 29 [RS]: White9, Peachy7, White7


→ Row 30 [WS]: White6, Peachy7, White9

← Row 31 [RS]: White8, Peachy7, White6

→ Row 32 [WS]: White5, Peachy8, White7

← Row 33 [RS]: White7, Peachy3, White, Peachy3, White5

→ Row 34 [WS]: White4, Peachy3, White3, Peachy2, White6

← Row 35 [RS]: White11, Peachy2, White4

→ Row 36 [WS]: White3, Peachy2, White11

← Row 37 [RS]: White11, Peachy, White3

→ Row 38 [WS]: White14

← Row 39 [RS]: White13

→ Row 40 [WS]: White12

← Row 41 [RS]: White11

→ Row 42 [WS]: White10

← Row 43 [RS]: White9

→ Row 44 [WS]: White8

← Row 45 [RS]: White7

→ Row 46 [WS]: White6

← Row 47 [RS]: White5

→ Row 48 [WS]: White4

← Row 49 [RS]: White3

→ Row 50 [WS]: White2

← Row 51 [RS]: White

Making the Pompoms:

Attach 4 full pom poms to each corner using the remaining Peachy yarn. You don’t need a pom pom maker – simply wrap the yarn around your hand 20-30 times, slip off your hand, and secure around the middle with the 8ply pink yarn. Yarn through the loops and trim to a uniform shape. Use the thinner yarn to tie the pom poms to each corner of the blanket.

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