How To Do Invisible Join Crochet With Needle – Learn In 1 Minute!

By ending your rounds or squares with an invisible crochet join, do not worry about those who look at anything closely. Because you will have a technique to eliminate any visible seams or knots for professional-looking crochet items. If you want to learn how to do invisible needle join, I will teach you in this tutorial with a video guide and writing too. So, go through this guide with the step-by-step instructions!

Invisible Needle Join Crochet

Magic of the Invisible Join or Invisible Needle join
This Is How My Invisible Joinend Square Looks Like!

I love using the invisible join crochet technique because neatness is the first priority of my projects. Today, I will share this secret with you by doing crochet invisible join in the rounds. It is a super easy technique that you will love to perform for all items. Whether crochet coasters, grannies, or amigurumi, this technique will be helpful for you. So, keep reading!

What is Invisible Join?

Invisible Crochet join is a short needle technique to join rounds or two crochet pieces so that the joint looks seamless and nearly unpredictable. It happens when the joining loops meet together unaffected or ridgeless, maintaining the flow of work and roundness or straightness as the other stitches have and demand for upcoming stitches to have.

This means the joint becomes seamless and nearly unpredictable. Usually, in traditional join, the loops look as if they are meeting like a mountain peek which needs to be avoided.

I am often asked how I get my crochet joins to look so perfect. The answer is this simple trick.

How Does Invisible Join Differ From Slip Stitch?

Although slip stitch is a great technique to join without adding height, it does have a drawback over the invisible join stitch. It differs because it causes the joining loops to create a bad ridge (looking like a mountain peek!), indicating that we used the join.

It doesn’t hurt much while working, but when ending the round, after the slip stitch, there is still a need to weave the yarn.

So, the end round looks a little unprofessional. Therefore, the invisible crotchet round is better to learn.

Should I Always Use Invisible Join?

No, not always or necessarily you need to use the invisible join. It is especially useful when finishing the round, seamlessly changing the colors, whether in the amigurumi or granny squares.

The invisible stitch may need a bit long time, but its finched results are much appealing. So, it depends upon you.

How To Do Invisible Crochet Join?


Here is a quick summary of what I did in the video for reading lovers:

  • When you complete the last stitch of the round, you will need to cut the yarn from the hook, leaving a tail of a few cm (almost 11cm!).
  • Then insert that tail in the eye of the tapestry needle (the hole should be enough for the yarn length!).
  • Then, insert the needle under the two loops of the first stitch you are joining.
  • Pull through while ensuring the yarn doesn’t come out of the eye.
  • Then insert to the center of the stitch on the opposite side and pull the yarn until the round becomes round.

Happy Making!

The Magic of the Invisible Join or Invisible Needle join

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