14 Projects for Absolute Beginners With Step-by-Step Tutorials

Finding suitable crochet projects as a beginner can be quite a challenge. So, out of a whole world of easy-to-complex projects, we have found these fun crochet projects for absolute beginners along with step-by-step video tutorials. You will surely find something that matches your skill level yet is satisfying to complete.

From flat works like scarves and blankets to motifs and amigurumi, there is everything. This variety ensures that even novices can delve into different types of crochet works without feeling overwhelmed.

Projects for Absolute Beginners

Free Crochet Patterns for Beginners

Among the projects listed, beginners will find clear instructions especially presented for those just starting. This includes essential tips on starting stitches, reading patterns, and finishing touches, making the learning process smoother and more enjoyable. The list of projects for absolute beginners covers a range of items including home decor, accessories, and toys.

By presenting projects that are achievable and appealing, our list aims to increase confidence and foster a deeper interest in crochet. Beginners will appreciate how these selected projects contribute to skill development, gradually introducing more complex techniques as they progress. So, grab some yarn and crochet hook, and dive into this collection.

crochet washcloth

Making a washcloth is an excellent way to practice basic stitches, especially with the half-double crochet stitch. Jesse’s channel provides an easy tutorial guiding you through each step. For this beginner-friendly project, you’ll need worsted-weight cotton yarn, and a 5mm crochet hook, etc.

The washcloth needs durable, 100% cotton yarn, ideal for the absorbency required in a washcloth. This pattern consists of simple rows of half-double crochet, which you’ll build upon until you reach the desired size, approximately 9×9 inches. Jesse emphasizes the importance of counting stitches to maintain an even width and offers tips on handling the yarn and hook.

Tip: Take your time mastering the tension and stitch consistency to ensure your washcloth doesn’t become too wide or narrow as you work.

Crochet a Scarf

Here is a beginner-friendly and super-easy crochet scarf project. This tutorial simplifies the process, requiring you to know just a few stitches: chain stitch, single crochet, and half double crochet. Adding tassels is optional, allowing you to customize the scarf to your taste.

Patricia uses a medium-weight, acrylic yarn that’s both economical and available in a variety of colors. One of the unique aspects of this scarf is its versatility in size; you can easily adjust the width or transform it into a pocket shawl. Patricia’s tutorial emphasizes keeping stitches loose for a softer texture and utilizes a simple yet elegant V-stitch pattern that’s perfect for beginners.

crochet granny square

Here is a comprehensive tutorial on crocheting a classic Granny Square along with a guide to change the colors. This project is aimed at absolute beginners. The written pattern is available on her blog. The tutor has made the tutorial slow which means beginners can easily digest the instructions.

The unique feature of the Granny Square is its versatile, expandable design allowing for continuous growth with each new round. Use it for a variety of projects from coasters to afghans.

Simple Crochet Tote Bag Tutorial

In this tutorial, crochet a simple crochet tote bag perfect for beginners. The bag features a solid texture due to the medium-weight, mercerized cotton yarn and tight stitches. So, it will be suitable for everyday uses.

You’ll start it with a rectangular base followed by rounds that build the bag’s height, and it’s topped off with sturdy straps made from 50 chains each. The process is quite straightforward. A practical tip from the tutor emphasizes that crocheters should ensure their stitches are consistent to avoid irregularities in shape.

Crochet Headband

Crochet a chic headband with this tutorial with a beautiful and textured appearance. It requires only a 3.5 mm crochet hook, some yarn, and a standard hair band to get started. Although a little difficult, this pattern can be tackled by beginners with the help of a tutorial.

The headband features a distinctive look achieved by alternating between regular and longer single crochets, offering an elegant ribbed effect that stretches comfortably across any head size. Nuta suggests customizing the length of your project by adjusting the number of rows to ensure a perfect fit.

lways finish with the same type of stitch you started with in a row, maintaining the pattern’s integrity throughout the project.

Crochet Solid Hexagon

Crochet Solid Hexagon

A solid-fill hexagon stands out for its neat, compact appearance and versatility great for beginners. However, it needs several crochet stitches. Starting with a slip knot, the process involves creating a chain and then forming a ring, which serves as the foundation. The key distinctive feature of this hexagon is its solid fill, achieved by making six pairs of double crochets with chain spaces to establish the six sides and corners. Rashmi emphasizes the importance of consistent stitching for a symmetric outcome. This pattern is ideal for blankets, coasters, or joining together for larger projects.

Crochet A Fast And Easy Blanket

Crochet A Fast And Easy Blanket

A baby blanket is perfect for nurseries and great for beginners even though takes more time. It is achievable in about three hours. The blanket in this tutorial is chunky yarn using an 8mm crochet hook is recommended but adjust according to your tension. The tutorial emphasizes a simple half-treble crochet technique (half-double crochet in the US) promising a quick build due to the yarn’s thickness. The result is a soft, cozy blanket, suitable for babies, with options for color changes and layout ideas available on the tutor’s website.

Bunny from a Square

Learn to create an adorable crochet bunny from a simple square! It just needs basic single-crochet stitches. You will need any color or weight of yarn, a crochet hook one size smaller than recommended for tight stitches, and ready-made pom-poms (or make your own), etc.

The bunnies’ special feature is their customizable embroidered eyes and cute pom-pom tails, making them perfect for imaginative play or charming decor. The instructor advises against safety eyes for a more secure and child-friendly toy. A tip for achieving a snug square look is to verify the square’s shape by folding it diagonally to form a neat triangle on both sides.


 Crochet Easy Slippers from a Rectangle

Crochet these easy slippers just from a rectangle, a project perfect for all skill levels with Donna’s tutorial. To create a right-sized rectangle, you must measure the foot’s length and width. Start with 40 stitches, adjusted based on foot size, and about 31 rows to achieve the right width.

The tutorial uses simple single crochet stitches in the back loops for added stretch and a snug fit. After crocheting, the piece is folded and sewn to form the heel and toe sections. Donna suggests leaving a 10-inch tail for sewing and prefers a back-and-forth sewing method for sturdier seams. Adding a decorative pom-pom or using puffy paint for grip on the slipper bottoms can enhance functionality of slippers.

Crochet A Heart

Crochet A Heart

This tutorial is for absolute beginners to crochet a charming mini crochet heart, ensuring a slow and detailed walk-through. You will need category 4 yarn and a 3.75-millimeter crochet hook, though you’re encouraged to use whatever you have available.

Starting with a magic ring, the heart uses a series of chains, treble, and double crochets. The project stands out for its simplicity and the ability to customize size or color, making it ideal for various uses like decorations, gifts, or accessories. The tutor suggests ensuring your stitches are tight for a cleaner look and recommends sewing loose ends.

Crochet a Mini Watermelon Slice

Laura’s tutorial presents an adorable mini watermelon slice, a perfect pairing with her previously bead stitch pineapple. This easy-to-make crochet project requires red, green, white, and a bit of black yarn, with weights varying between DK and sport. You can use bust your yarn scraps with this small project. It is beginner-friendly since crocheted just by making a circle and folding it. It can serve as a cute play food item, playful decor, or a summer-themed keychain.


Crocheted Face Scrubbies

Learn how to crochet quick and simple face scrubbies, ideal for peeling due to their gentle roughness. You will need 100% cotton to increase the absorbency. These scrubbies can be paired with a ribbon-tied soap as lovely gifts.

The creator emphasizes the ease of this project, suggesting working over the tail end during the initial rounds to minimize end-sewing. As a practical and eco-friendly alternative to disposable options, these crocheted scrubbies can be washed and reused.

Single Crochet Pillow

Make a soft and textural single crochet pillow using a unique yarn that has amazing texture and versatility. He demonstrates crocheting a reversible pillow in simple single crochet stitches.

This project, suitable for beginners, requires just one skein of yarn per side and standard crochet tools. Matthew’s suggestion to go with a smaller hook size for a denser texture. Ideal for home decor, the pillow offers a cozy touch with its plush feel and is customizable in color to match any interior. The tutorial highlights the joy of working with non-traditional yarn, inviting crocheters to explore new materials without intimidation.

Easy and Quick Crochet Cup Cosy

Here is a quick and easy cup cozy, perfect for beginners. Using just two stitches – double crochet and half treble – you’ll work in the round for a seamless finish. You’ll need worsted-weight yarn, a 5mm crochet hook, and a darning needle to get started.

The tutorial highlights the cozies’ simplicity and the use of scrap yarn, making it not only an eco-friendly choice but also a great way to lessen waste. These cozy wraps for your cups can enhance grip while protecting your hands from hot drinks. A thoughtful tip offered is to constantly check the fit on your cup to ensure the perfect size, preventing any need for adjustments later.

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