How to Crochet Chunky Chicken Plushie For Little Ones

Crochet Chicken

Learn how to crochet a chunky chicken plushie with this step-by-step pattern for all skill levels. Its sleeping eyes and blushy cheeks look extra adorable, and it’s completely huggable with the softness of velvety yarn and open arms. Make this amigurumi your little one buddy by following this easy guide!

Crochet Chicken

Designer: Beary Bearnita

Tools and Supplies Needed

Below is the list of every supply you will gather to crochet this chicken amigurumi for your kid.

  • Yarn: chunky yarn size 4mm
  • Crochet hook: 3.5mm – 4mm
  • Black yarn or black embroidery
  • Fiberfill
  • Yarn needle
  • Stitch markers (if you need them)
  • Thread for decorating

Crochet Chicken Plushie Pattern

Ready to crochet this most adorable chicken amigurumi? Now, no more waiting because below is the easy-to-follow pattern:

Abbreviations and techniques 

Although this colorful chicken plushie has a basic shape and other small features to add, you will need many crochet techniques to use at once. So, before you start this project, prepare your mind so you know every skill. If not, learn from the below links. Along with this, I have also listed the abbreviation meanings for each term used in the pattern.


Start with white yarn.
Rnd 1. 7sc in MR (8)
Rnd 2.7-inc (16)
Rnd 3. (sc, inc)* 7 (21)
Rnd 4-6. (3 rnds) 21sc (21)
Rnd 7. (2sc, inc) * 7 (28)
Rnd 8-11. (4 rnds) 28sc (28)
Rnd 12. (2sc, dec) * 7 (21)
Rnd 13. (sc, dec) * 7 (14).
Rnd 14. 7-dec (7)
Cut the yarn. Close the remaining gap.

ARM – 2

White yarn
Rnd 1. ch4, (sc, 2hdc) on chain (3)
Cut the yarn. Leave a long tail.
Sew to the body at rnd 7.

LEG – 2

Yellow yarn
Rnd 1. 4sc in MR (4)
Cut the yarn. Leave a long tail.
Sew to the body at rnd 13.


Red and white yarn
Start with red
Rnd 1. 4sc in MR (4)
Rnd 2. (sc, inc) * 2 (6)
Rnd 3. (2sc, inc) * 2 (8)
Rnd 4. 8sc (8)
Switch to white yarn.
Rnd 5. (ch3, slst to the next st) 8
Cut the yarn. Leave a long yarn tail. Sew the hat on the top
of the body.
Embroider eyes at round 6 with 4-stitch space between
them. Embroider beak at round 7.

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