{Yarn Love} Paintbox Yarn Giveaway!!

paintbox cotton yarn*THIS COMP IS NOW CLOSED *I have an amazing giveaway from LoveCrochet and Paintbox Yarns. Hands up if you would like to win all 56 shades of Paintbox Cotton DK!! I know i would. I have fallen in love with this awesome yarn – so many delicious shades to choose from. paintbox cotton yarn

It is seriously easy to enter this giveaway – all you need to do if follow the link HERE and sign up to the LoveCrochet newsletter. And that’s it! The competition will run for 7 days and the winner will be selected and emailed by the 31st of March. How exciting it that!? Good luck everyone.

Mandy xx  paintbox cotton yarn paintbox cotton yarn


{Corner to Corner Crochet} C2C Chunky Heart Graph

c2c heart

This heart shaped corner to corner, C2C, chunky crochet rug has been one of my most popular projects ever….and you know what, it is EASY! After seeing lots of C2C projects online featuring hearts – washcloths, blankets, potholders – i thought it might be fun to make a great big chunky blanket based on the same idea. I was confident i could create the chart (graph) myself, so i grabbed some grid paper and started scribbling.c2c heart

There are some great C2C tutorials online, so i’m not going to reinvent the wheel, but instead i’ve provided you with a little list to get you started.

Once you understand how c2c stitches are made, the hardest part is counting your blocks and locating where the colour changes occur. It’s important to constantly refer back to your chart in case you’ve made a mistake. The only way to rectify mistakes is to undo!
c2c heartMy chunky corner to corner blanket is made from Panda Soft Cotton Chunky in white and green. I used about 10 balls of white and 3 balls of green to make a decent size blanket, so approximately 13 balls in total. It was lots of fun watching the heart appear in the blanket.c2c heartAnd finally, here is the chart that i created for my blanket. If you don’t feel confident in creating your own graph, you are very welcome to use mine. I used stitch fiddle to create this simple chart. Enjoy!c2c heart chart graph

{Yarn Love} The Candy Shop by Paintbox Yarns

paintbox yarn

Picture from LoveCrochet.com

LoveCrochet has just released some fun new colour pack to their already awesome range of Paintbox Yarns. If you have trouble choosing colours for your yarn projects then this is a great way to take the stress out of deciding on a colour scheme. I was lucky enough to be able to create a fun colour scheme LoveCrochet called The Candy Shop. There are other great colour scheme collections too, which you can see below. Hit the link on the righthand side to visit LoveCrochet and seach Paintbox Yarns to see their entire range of glorious colours.

The Candy Shop by Amanda O’Sullivan
Amanda O’Sullivan, aka Crochet by RedAgape and founder of #craftastherapy on Instagram, loves sweet treats! We know you’ll love her colour pack, The Candy Shop, full of deliciously sweet shades:
Bubblegum Pink (150), Spearmint Green (125), Candyfloss Pink (149), Vanilla Cream (107), Peach Orange (154), Bright Peach (111), Daffodil Yellow (121), Washed Teal (132), Champagne White (102), Tea Rose (142).


paintbox yarn

Picture from LoveCrochet.com

Fairground by Steel&Stitch
Fabulous crochet blogger Emma Friedlander-Collins from Steel & Stitch is famous for her colour-inspired patterns. Her colour pack, Fairground, draws on vibrant brights and fairground colours that are grown up and graphic: Rose Red (113), Blood Orange (119), Seville Orange (118), Buttercup Yellow (122), Bubblegum Pink (150), Grass Green (129), Marine Blue (133), Pansy Purple (147), Pure Black (101), Champagne White (102).

paintbox yarn

Picture from LoveCrochet.com

Sundown by Kath Webber
Crochet designer Kath Webber’s colour pack Sundown is inspired by the skies of her native East Anglia – sunset shades of pinks, yellows and peach against grey, dolphin blue and turquoise. She loves surprising combinations of colour, and we love her gorgeous selection: Mustard Yellow (123), Neon Pink (156), Slate Grey (105), Blush Pink (153), Dolphin Blue (136), Slate Green (126), Washed Teal (132), Champagne White (102), Misty Grey (103), Peach Orange (154).


All descriptions above have been taken from www.lovecrochet.com


{Crochet} Daisy Wheel Granny Square Cushion

free granny square cushionHere’s a little guide on how to make my Daisy Wheel Granny Square cushion. This isn’t exactly a step my step tutorial but more of a guide to basic join as you go method. It hasn’t always been my favourite way to join granny squares, but i really like how it looks with certain designs.  You can find the free pattern for the Daisy Wheel square here. There are a few ways that you can join your squares – whip stitch them together, dc them together or join as you go, which i’m focusing on here. If you’d prefer to whip stitch i’ve found a good tutorial here.

To start you need to make 1 full Daisy Wheel square and 8 x  partially finished squares (leaving the last round of white off). The last round of white is added during the joining process. You can see one partially completed square in the image below – make 8 of those. free granny square cushionOkay, you should have 1 full square and 8 partially completed squares  – making 9 in total. The first step is to attach one partially finished square to your completed square. Start adding white until you reach your first corner. At the corner, work your first group of 3dtr and ch1 and STOP.

free granny square cushionWhere you would normally add your second ch, we are going to join to our completed square. Slip your hooked into the corner sp of the completed square  – see below (ignore all the extra squares, pretend there is only 1 completed square).  free granny square cushionNow instead of that second ch we are going dc (sc for US) to join the two squares. See the steps below. free granny square cushionfree granny square cushionfree granny square cushionYou can see below how the join looks. If you find it easier just to slip stitch them together that’s okay too. free granny square cushionYou can now go ahead and finish the corner on the uncompleted square, remembering that the second chain in the ch is swapped for the dc join. So your corner will consist of (3dtr, ch1, dc join, ch1, 3dtr). Make sense? Here’s what the completed corner looks like below. You can also see that when you reach the ch1 that is along the side, you substitute it for a dc join. free granny square cushionContinue along the side, substituting the ch1 for a dc join (sc for US) where needed. Obviously, if there are no joins along the side you’re working on then please include the chains as usual. The corner join is a little different when you are joining to more than one square. In the image below we need to join to the TOP RIGHT square and the square on the bottom left – so we need 2 joins at this corner.

When joining to one square at a corner always us this pattern – (3dtr, ch1, joining dc, ch1, 3dtr).

When joining to two squares at the corners always use this pattern (3dtr, joining dc, ch1, joining dc, 3dtr). See more images below.
free granny square cushionThe image below shows where we need to start joining to the top right square. Complete the first 3dtr of the corner, dc join, ch1……
free granny square cushion

And now compete another dc join to the second square’s corner – see below.
free granny square cushionYou can see the two joins below and now you can complete the rest of your corner with 3dtr. Continue down to join down the side by swapping ch1 for dc join (sc for US).
free granny square cushionOnce you have joined all nine of your squares it will look like the image below. free granny square cushion

Add another round of white trebles around the entire front to create a bigger block of crisp fresh white. I’ve used 3 chains at the corners. The front is now complete. :) Hooray!!free granny square cushion

For the cushion back i’ve just used a solid granny square of green to add a bit of contrast. You might like to make the front and back the same – it’s completely up to you. Here’s a link to a great solid granny tutorial by Cherry Heart Crochet  Continue adding rounds until it is big enough. free granny square cushionNow to join front and back! Once again there are many ways you join the front to the back – whip stitch it, dc join or maybe you’d like to run a length of chain through the stitches so it can be removed for easy washing. I’ve used a dc join through both loops for a nice secure finish. Place front and back, wrong sides together and start working a dc through both loops on front and back. This little photo guide is a handy resource if you’re not sure. free granny square cushionI find it easier to peg them together so they don’t slip out of place. Once you’ve complete 3 sides, insert your cushion and complete the round. free granny square cushion

Sit back and admire. :) All of these beautiful colours can be found at Yummy Yarn and co in the Heirloom Cotton section.  free granny square cushion

{Crochet} As seen in Mollie Makes


mollie makes magazine 75Check out those super cute Heart Coasters – top right in this months issue of Mollie Makes. I am pretty excited to reveal that those little cuties are mine! That’s right, i am now ‘as seen in Mollie Makes’. Who would have thought that would ever happen? Not me. :)

Issue 75 is packed with awesome craft projects and plenty of inspirational stories about creative types. I know it can be hard to Australia to get your hands on a copy, but you can always subscribe, or if you prefer your mags digitally you don’t have to wait. Head to the Mollie Makes website for all the details on where you can download a copy. Enjoy!mollie makes magazine 75

{Crochet} Win a Gelato Pops Pattern Kit

*This competition is now closed. New pattern price is $3.75*

Hello crochet lovers. I have had a great response to my popcorn crochet cushion – Gelato Pops. Thank you kindly to those who have bought and downloaded my pattern. Everyone who buys the pattern in the first week will go into a draw to win a complete kit to make my Gelato Pops cushion. The competition ends at 5pm on Friday the 20th of January (AEST). It will be drawn on Saturday at midday. The competition is open to everyone, no matter where you live. I am happy to ship worldwide.

popcorn crochet cushion

Click on the image to be taken straight to the shop

The kit will include –

  • 7 x 50g balls of Heirloom Cotton 8ply in the colours you see pictured
  • 1 x 4mm Clover hook
  • 1x 35cm round cushion insert
  • 2 x pattern postcards
  •  a calico backpack kit bag

How to enter –

  1. Head HERE to buy the pattern for the bargain price of $2
  2. An email is sent directy to your email account for download
  3. That’s it! You’re in the draw. Good luck!!

Please note – that the pattern price will increase after competition week, when it will be listed on lovecrochet.com and ravelry.

Thank you again everyone. I really appreciate your support.

Mandy xx


{Crochet} Gelato Pops Cushion Pattern


Click the image to visit my new pattern shop

I am beyond excited to offer this popcorn crochet cushion at the introductory price of $2. This offer is only available for a week before i list the pattern on Revelry and Lovecrochet.com.  Everyone who purchases the pattern during sale week will be in the draw to win a kit for this project, which included 7 balls on yarn, a 35cm cushion insert, 1x 4mm hook plus some surprise goodies. I’ll post more details for the competition early this week.

This is a 14 page downloadable PDF for my Gelato Pops crochet cushion. The pattern contains both UK and US written instructions, images, charts for the front and back plus shorthand instructions for both US and UK users.

Your PDF will be emailed to you for immediate download after you checkout.

{Crochet} Daisy Wheel Granny Square

free daisy granny squareWelcome to my Daisy Wheel granny square tutorial. I love it when a pretty crochet square design is born unexpectedly! I was playing with these glorious colours last week when this pretty granny square emerged. It’s a simple but pretty square that i hope to make a blanket with, but it would be just as pretty as a cushion. If you make the square, please tag #daisywheelgranny when your posting images to instagram and add the tag #daisywheelblanket if you decide to make a blanket. I really love seeing your pictures.

I have used Heirloom Cotton 8ply in the following colours –

  1. Citrus Lemon (6696) Yarn A
  2. White (6607) Yarn B
  3. Pale Green(6612) Yarn C
  4. Pale Pink (6605) Yarn D
  5. Coral Pink (6611) Yarn E

You could use any 8ply cotton and switch up some of the colours too. I’d love to see this square in different colour combinations.

free daisy granny square

If you are unsure of how to make a Popcorn Stitch – here is a little tutorial to get you started.

Abbreviations and Stitches – Please not that the pattern is written in UK terms but there are shorthand instructions at the end of this tutorial, along with a chart for US crocheters. 

  • magic ring
  • ss – slip stitch
  • ch – chain
  • sp – space
  • dc – double crochet
  • tr – treble
  • dtr – double treble
  • pc – popcorn
  • v st – v stitch = (tr, ch1, tr)


  • 8ply Cotton Yarn in 5 different colours
  • 3.5mm crochet hook
  • Yarn needle
  • scissors

Round One – Using Yarn A, work 8dc into a magic ring, ss into initial dc and fasten off. (8dc)

daisy  wheel granny square


Round 2 – Attach Yarn B, (ch3, 4tr) in the same stitch, you now have 5tr to make your first pc, then ch1. (1pc, ch1) into each of the remaining 7 stitches, ss into back of the initial pc and fasten off. (8pc, 8ch)

daisy  wheel granny square


Round 3  – Attach Yarn C at any ch-1 sp, ch3 (counts as first tr), 3 more tr into the same sp. Work 4tr into each of the remaining 7 ch-1 sps, ss into the third ch of the initial ch3 and fasten off. (32tr)

daisy  wheel granny square


Round 4 – Attach Yarn D, ch3 (counts as first tr), skip a stitch, 2tr in the next. Alternate between 1tr, 2tr around. Ss into top of inital ch3 and fasten off. (48tr)

free daisy granny square


Round 5 – Attach Yarn E, ch4 (counts as 1tr, ch1), tr in the same st, ch1, skip a st and work one pc into the next, ch1. * skip a st, (tr, ch1, tr) in the next, ch1, skip a st, pc in the next, ch1 * repeat from * to 10 more times. Ss into 3rd ch of inital ch4 and fasten off. (12pc, 12v st).

free daisy granny square


Round 6 – Attach Yarn A at to any v st and ch4 (counts as first dtr), 2dtr, ch3, 3dtr in the same sp (this forms your first corner). Ch1, 3tr in the next v st, ch1, 3tr in the next v st, ch1. * (3dtr, ch3, 3dtr) in the next v st, ch1, 3tr in the following v st, ch1, 3tr in the next v st, ch1, repeat from * twice more and then ss into top of inital ch4. Fasten off. (4x {3dtr, ch3, 3dtr}, 8x 3tr groups at sides).

free daisy granny square


Please note that the chart does not include starting and finishing points. Use the chart in conjunction with the written instructions.

daisy granny square chart


UK Shorthand

  1. 8dc into a magic ring
  2. (1pc, ch1) into each dc
  3. 4tr in each ch-1 sp
  4. alternate 1tr, 2tr around
  5. (tr, ch1, tr, ch1) skip a stitch (pc, ch1) around
  6. (3dtr, ch3, 3dtr) at corners (ch1, 3tr, ch1, 3tr, ch1) along sides.

US Shorthand 

  1. 8sc into a magic ring
  2. (1pc, ch1) into each sc
  3. 4dc in each ch-1 sp
  4. alternate 1dc, 2dc around
  5. (dc, ch1, dc, ch1) skip a stitch (pc, ch1) around
  6. (3tr, ch3, 3tr) at corners (ch1, 3dc, ch1, 3dc, ch1) along sides.

free daisy granny square

{Crochet} New Bloom Square

free crochet square chart

A fresh new year calls for a new crochet square! This one is called New Bloom and i hope it will be one of MANY designs i create this year. I love a fresh new start and i am really excited about the possibilities and opportunities ahead of me in 2017. I am not sad to see the back of 2016. I didn’t enjoy last year and saying that makes me feel sad, because life is too short not to enjoy every single year, but the truth is, it was a hard year. I always say to my kids that we go through hard times so that we appreciate the good times even more. I have a feeling that 2017 is going to be a good year. :)

So, with that in mind i’d like to share my first charted pattern. Please be kind to me as this is the first crochet chart that i have made and anyone who has tried to do this will know how challenging it can be. I have checked it mulitple times but there might be some errors. If you find any, please let me know. I’ve only included my shorthand instructions this time around – both in UK and US terms.

What you’ll need –

  • Any 8ply cotton yarn in 4 colours – Yarn A, B, C and D
  • 3.5mm hook
  • scissors
  • yarn needle

free crochet pattern

free crochet square pattern

UK Shorthand Instructions

  1. Yarn A – (1tr, ch1) 8 times into a magic ring
  2. Yarn B – (tr3tog, ch3) 8 times into each ch-1 sp
  3. Yarn C – (tr, ch3, tr, ch1) into each ch-3 sp
  4. Yarn A – (3dtr, ch3, 3dtr) at the corners, (ch1, 5tr, ch1) at the sides
  5. Yarn B –  (2dc, ch1, 2dc) at the corner ch-3 sp, work 1dc in into each stitch along the side
  6. Yarn D – (tr, ch3, tr) at the corners, work 1tr into each dc.

US Shorthand Instructions

  1. Yarn A – (1dc, ch1) 8 times into a magic ring
  2. Yarn B – (dc3tog, ch3) 8 times into each ch-1 sp
  3. Yarn C – (dc, ch3, dc, ch1) into each ch-3 sp
  4. Yarn A – (3tr, ch3, 3tr) at the corners, (ch1, 5dc, ch1) at the sides
  5. Yarn B –  (2sc, ch1, 2sc) at the corner ch-3 sp, work 1sc in into each stitch along the side
  6. Yarn D – (dc, ch3, dc) at the corners, work 1dc into each sc.

new bloom crochet square chart

{Crochet} Thank you Mollie Makes

crochet Mollie Makes

Click the image to head to Mollie Makes to read more…

It was pretty exciting to have my crochet featured on the Mollie Makes blog a couple of weeks ago! I have had a girl crush of Mollie Makes for a very long time, even before i started crocheting, so it was an absolute thrill to be part of their “Meet the Makers” segment. I don’t like to show my face very often, but i wasn’t about to say no to Mollie Makes. I wish i could say that it only took one shot to get a picture i was remotely happy with, but that would be a big fat lie. You should see how many images did not make the cut! It’s kind of funny. I contemplated putting them all into a flipagram to showcase my insecurity in a rediculous slideshow, but i am too embarrassed. Needless to say, the picture below is my favourite!! If you’d like to have a little look at the article head here to read more. :)

crochet mollie makes